Discovering a deeper world with light

' Manta Ray, Multi-Raman System '

From multiple compatibilities

to multiple measurements.


Modularized system for all commercial light microscopes

Standard / Fusion / Inverted )

There are three versions available to suit your needs.

Technical ability

Specialized design techniques never seen before deliver robust instrumentation solutions.

Microscope + Module Integrated System

  • Supports all types of commercial microscopes (upright/inverted)

  • Florescence, Dark field & Dic image measurements   

Various Extension Functionality


  • Compatible with Cryostats, Probe stations and other equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

*Detailed Specifications 


  • TE cooled CCD
  • Pixel Size 26x26 ㎛.
  • Active pixels 1024 x 127
  • BVF (Back illuminated CCD) or FI (illuminated CCD) optional 

Motorized microscope xyz stage

  • Moving distance 75x52mm
  • Minimum moving distance 0.05μm (XY), 0.002 μm (z)
  • Mapping speed 50x50 pixels <1min (CCD exposure time 0.01s)

Laser Module

  • Selection of maximum 3 lasers available 324nm, 488nm, 514nm, 532nm, 785nm (customized spec per requests possible)
  • Phased laser output control by ND Filter
  • Software controlled laser filter 


  • High output, high performance abreaction correction spectrograph
  • Changeable On-axis Grating
  • Wavelength resolving power *1.5cm-1 per CCD pixel @ 1800gr/nm 
    Wavelength resolving power *2.3cm-1 per CCD pixel @ 1200gr/nm (532nm laser)   


  • X5~100x Dry, water, oil dipping & immersion type Spatial resolution: <1 um (XY), axial resolution <2.0um @x100, N.A 0.95
  • 3M CMOS Camera implemented (Koehler illuminator) 

Three types 

Easier and easier to measure 

Intuitive UI

With a trendy UI design

User-friendliness with a tendy UI design

Dashboard & Acquisition

  • Check system information and status
  • Per-user settings (coming soon)
  • Quick and easy data acquisition

Image gallery

  • Measuement data at glance
  • Analyze your data more easily with viewer analyze
    your data

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