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Hyper Spectral Image.*

A technique that simultaneously acquires spatial images and spectral spectra, enabling the acquisition of image and spectral data over large ranges at very high speeds. Get clearer, faster measurements with a hyperspectral imaging solution.

Hyper spectral imaging. 

Acquire image and spectral data over a wide range of spectra simultaneously at very high speeds.

Simultaneous multiple spectra from lambda 1 to lambda n.

Hyperspectral imaging is a method of acquiring spatial images and spectral spectra simultaneously. While a typical RGB image is a cube of three images (red, green, and blue), hyperspectral imaging forms a data cube of images for each wavelength. Our hyperspectral imaging technology can acquire image and spectral data over a wide range at ultra-high speed.

Spectral data from 400-900 nm can be acquired at approximately 1 nm intervals, and images of 512x512 pixels can be acquired at speeds of up to 10s.


Color Image.

Hyper Spectral Image.

Hyper spectral imaging video

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